We are releasing all the tickets for WordCamp Zagreb

Wow. With the first hundred tickets gone, we decided to release the rest of the tickets to the public before we initially planned (August 1st). So, without further ado – today we are releasing the rest of the tickets for WordCamp Zagreb.

To help us plan (especially for the lunch part as we don’t want to order excessive food) – we ask you to get your ticket as soon as possible. Can you do that? 🙂

If you want to learn more about what will happen at WordCamp Zagreb, you should take a look at our amazing lineup. Want to learn more about each individual speaker? You should subscribe for our newsletter (scroll down the page) or follow our speaker interviews series.

Thank you, freelancers

For the first time this year we introduced something we called “freelancer ticket”. You asked us what they are, but they are just like normal tickets but more expensive. The thing is that we have been asked numerous times “how can we help more”. Of course, you can apply to volunteer, but if you don’t have enough time and you want to help – you can always buy a freelancer ticket.

To this day, we sold 10 of them, and we’d like to thank those who purchased them. Thank you, Igor Benić, Tomislav Miklec, Mario Smode, Frano Barać, Marko Orešković, Nikola Plejić, Silvio Martinec, Milenko Radic, Edin Osmanagić, and Kevin Hassall for making WordCamp Zagreb a bit easier to organise. <3

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