Alexandra Draghici talks about the benefits of public speaking, to her past experiences – good and bad

Alexandra Draghici speaking at WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris (Photo by Steve Blythe)

Alexandra Draghici comes from Romania where she works as a product manager for 123ContactForm — the creators of very popular plugin for building forms in WordPress — CaptainForm. I met Alexandra for the first time in Vienna on last year’s WordCamp Europe and once more on WordCamp Belfast where she gave a talk about the user interface messages we commonly see and interact with. Her talk in Zagreb will be different than most of the previous ones, as she will be speaking about her personal WordPress experience in a story you shouldn’t miss. Today we’re talking with Alexandra about some of these experiences. Continue reading “Alexandra Draghici talks about the benefits of public speaking, to her past experiences – good and bad”

Meet the world of code sniffing with Denis Žoljom

Denis Žoljom talking about coding standards

Denis Žoljom is WordPress Engineer at Infinum, a design and development agency from Zagreb, Croatia. He has a strong passion for physics, writing development tutorials and lately, reviewing WordPress themes. Continue reading “Meet the world of code sniffing with Denis Žoljom”

Ante Šepić will help you with plugin development setup

Ante Šepić
Ante Šepić volunteering at WordCamp Split

WordPress is famously known for its 5-minute installation and hassle-free user experience. But when it comes to the development of websites, themes or plugins requirements are different to that of an end user. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to take some notes! Because Ante Šepić will help you from cow-boy coding and show you the modern tools and practice.

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We are releasing all the tickets for WordCamp Zagreb

Wow. With the first hundred tickets gone, we decided to release the rest of the tickets to the public before we initially planned (August 1st). So, without further ado – today we are releasing the rest of the tickets for WordCamp Zagreb.

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Antonio Perić-Mažar is all about contributing and networking

Antonio Perić-Mažar sharing his experience at Symfony Camp

Antonio Perić-Mažar is the CEO at Locastic, a digital agency based in Split, Croatia, founded back in 2011 and with their main focus to create amazing web and mobile applications. He’ll share his thoughts about networking, contributing and open source and highlight us similarities and differences between WordPress and Symfony/Sylius community. Dive into this post!

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Nela Dunato will open WordCamp Zagreb with her talk “The Human-Centered Brand”

Nela Dunato giving a talk at WordCamp London (Copyright:

Nela Dunato has been rated best speaker from WordCamp Split 2016 and we are very happy to announce that she will be opening this years’ WordCamp Zagreb with her talk “The Human-Centered Brand“. We talked with Nela about personal growth, balancing women speakers, conferences and more! Continue reading “Nela Dunato will open WordCamp Zagreb with her talk “The Human-Centered Brand””

First Batch of Tickets Released

Current temperature in Zagreb is 31°C. It’s Friday. We know some of you are already going on a vacation — maybe you are even on your way to one of the 1000+ islands in Croatia. We have a quick announcement that will make your Friday even better. We are rolling out with the first batch of tickets for WordCamp Zagreb.

The ticket price is a bargain. You get a T-shirt, tasty lunch and plenty of coffee during conference day, after–party (you don’t want to miss that one), as well as an opportunity to register for our workshops and a Contributor Day as soon as we announce those. People who have purchased the conference ticket will have precedence.

We are also trying something new this year. Besides having a regular ticket that costs € 20, we are also adding a Small Business ticket for € 180 and Freelancer ticket for € 40. Whether you run a small business or you are freelancing who works with WordPress, you can purchase one of these special tickets and show your appreciation for our community.

Get your ticket!

Call for Sponsors

Thank you for considering to sponsor WordCamp Zagreb. WordCamp Zagreb is the official Croatian WordCamp for 2017 so we expect around 300 attendees from all over Croatia (and neighbouring countries as well). It will be held in the Croatian capital Zagreb between 1st and 3rd of September 2017. First day is reserved for our traditional workshops, second day is the Conference day where all the magic happens, and the third day is Contributor day where we give back to the community. Continue reading “Call for Sponsors”

Welcome to WordCamp Zagreb

It’s that time of the year when we announce the next host city to Croatia’s annual WordCamp. So, without further ado, we’d like to welcome you to our capital – Zagreb. WordCamp Zagreb will be the third one and so far the largest WordCamp in Croatia with 300 attendees. Save the date in your calendar – September 1–3, 2017! Continue reading “Welcome to WordCamp Zagreb”